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Mayo 2020 / Marzo 2021

Ciudades a visitar: Dubrovnik; Split; Plitvice; Opatija; PostoIna, Notranjska; Bled; Liubliana; Maribor; Zagreb

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Dubrovnik -  In the morning we begin with a  tour with the local guide  of the city of Dubrovnik; We are undoubtedly in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe: hanging on a rock, surrounded by walls, by the Adriatic Sea. We start including the climb by cable car.  From the top of the mountains we can admire the best views of the City. After that, we will walk to know its historic center, a jewel of the world´s architectural heritage. In the visit, we include the  entrances to the Franciscan Monastery  which holds the oldest pharmacy in Europe; Entrance also included to the cathedral of Dubrovnik .

Free afternoon.
Return to the hotel in Catvat at the end of the afternoon . Dinner included.

Note:  Accommodation in Dubrovnik will be in  Kavtat , a coastal town near the city.
Note:   Due to weather or maintenance, sometimes the cable car does not operate, in these cases we will offer entrance to the walls of Dubrovnik where you will also have fantastic views of the city and the bay.

Total distance: 260 km.

Scenery:  Beautiful coastal landscapes on the Dalmatian coast.

08:30 hrs. - Dubrovnik. Today´s stage will be exciting. Landscapes of great beauty following the Dalmatian coast.

13:00 hrs. - Split  -. Free time for lunch.
14: 00/14: 30 hrs. -  Included visit with local guide  of this impressive city that emphasizes the immense  Palace of Diocletian (entrance included).  We will know the Roman period palace, the alleys of the center, the views over the sea. Duration of the visit about two and a half hours.Free time later to walk.

Towards the end of the day we will travel to  Trogir  where we will stay for the night. Before heading to the hotel, we will go around what is one of the most charming towns on the Dalmatian Coast. Dinner included.  Dinner included  and accommodation.

Total distance: 450 km.

Scenery:   Varied, mountains, lakes, plateaus.
Note :  Wear comfortable shoes, you will need them in the Plitvice Lakes National Park. We also recommend you to wear warm clothing.

08:00 hrs. - Split-Departure. We travel to the north of Croatia following the coast.
11:30 hrs. - Plitvice Lakes National Park, s ite declared World Heritage by Unesco;  Entrance included  to the park where you will be able to admire its lakes. The entrance gives you the right to use the boats of the park to approach the falls or, if you prefer,  the inner train to approach the most picturesque places. Time to visit and have lunch.

15:00 hrs. - Plitvice National Park - Departure - We continue to the north.
18:15 hrs. - Opatija.  Elegant Croatian coastal town that followed the tourist line of the Côte D´Azur or the Italian Riviera.  Dinner  and accommodation.

Note: i n exceptional circumstances, either for meteorological reasons or tourist density, it may not be possible or advisable to use the train nor boat in Plitvice.

Total Distance: 230 Km.
Scenery:  Very different from those of previous days: alpine type, with forests, high peaks and lakes.
Note:  Carry your passport, it will be required when you pass to Slovenia. Wear a jacket for Postojna where there may be a strong temperature difference between the inside and the ouside of the cave.

07.30 hrs.- Opatija -departure. We leave to Slovenia. Mountains covered with forests, picturesque villages along the route.
09.30 hrs- Postojna-Arrival . We will know one of the world´s biggest and most visited caves in Europe with more than 20 km of galleries and lounges. We will visit it partially in an enabled tourist train where we will travel 3 km of its natural universe of stalactites and stalagmites  (entrance and train ticket included).

11.00 hrs- Postojna, exit.
12.30 hrs. - Bled.  Between mountains and forests, on the edge of the lake, a very beautiful Slovenian enclave on the shore of a lake in the middle of which there is an islet where the bell tower of a monastery stands out at the foot of a medieval castle.  We include a boat trip around Bled’s lake  and a visit of the monastery on the islet. 
Time for lunch in the tourist town of Bled.-

15.30 hrs. Bled-departure.
16.30 hrs. - Ljubljana  - Arrival - Time to visit the small capital of Slovenia, a beautiful central European city, meeting point throughout the history of Slavs, Germanic and Mediterranean. It emphasizes its castle. We make a two hours  visit with local guide  that will make us know the peculiarities of this small country and its capital.
Dinner included  and accommodation.

Note:  During winter, in order to be able to visit Ljubljna during the daylight hours, this may take place before departure to Maribor.

Total distance: 245 km .
Scenery:   Hills, mountains, pleasant landscapes. 
Note:   Take your passport, you will need it when you enter Croatia.

08:30 hrs. -Ljubljana-departure. We leave towards the second city of Slovenia located in the north of the country near the border with Austria.
10:30 hrs. - Maribor. - Elegant city by the river, with its castle and cathedral. Time to stroll.
13:00 hrs. Maribor. Departure to Croatia.
15:00 hrs. - Zagreb  - Arrival -. End of the circuit.

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